Tutor Icon Set 2
Thanks to the popularity of the tutor icon set we decided to release a second version. These icons are great if you need educational or tutoring icons. Best of all we offer them for absolutely free, no catch. Here is a zip file with svg and png formats for each icon. Download Tutor Icon Set

We hope you'll find good use for these tutoring icons. Here is a description of each icon in the icon set.

A Plus Test

This icon shows a test paper with an A+ grade. It can be used to describe a tutor who helped her student earn the A+. A Plus Test Icon


This icon shows an organized backpack. A tutor might have helped the student organize his backpack. Backpack Icon


In case you need a simple calculator icon this might make a good choice. If you're a math tutor this icon might look good on your website. Calculator Icon


This educational icon shows a student desk. It can used to convey teaching or tutoring. Desk Icon


Since tutors help their students graduate with excellent grades, this diploma can be used very effectively by tutors. Diploma Icon


This icon shows grade improvement which is what tutors aim to achieve. F-To-A Icon


This icon is perfect for history tutors. Globe Icon


This notebook has colored separators. It looks very organized which is what an organizational tutor would help students accomplish. Notebook Icon

Perfect 36 ACT

The ACT is a standardized test with a maximum score of 36. There are ACT tutors who help students score well on this exam. The reason this exam is so important is because the best colleges mainly select students with high standardized test scores. Perfect 36 ACT Icon

Perfect 1600 SAT

Just like the ACT the SAT is a standardized test meant for college placement. A perfect score on the SAT is 1600. An SAT tutor can take advantage of this icon. Perfect 1600 SAT Icon


This icon shows a student with a graduation cap. Tutors aim to help students graduate which makes this icon very useful. Student Icon


The textbook doesn't have words on the cover, so it can be used for any subject (math, algebra, calculus, science, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) Textbook Icon


Instead of one textbook, you can see a stack of three textbooks. They can represent any subject which makes this icon perfect for any tutor. Textbooks Icon

Tutor Explaining

This icon shows a math tutor explaining the Pythagorean Theorem. This works well if you're an algebra tutor, but feel free to use it in other scenarios. Tutor Explaining Icon

White Board Pythagorean

Just like the previous icon, this one shows the Pythagorean Theorem. However it doesn't show a tutor. It only shows a whiteboard. White Board Pythagorean Icon